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Future Health Poland 2021 is the virtual event for the latest trends, advances and outstanding progress within the medical & healthcare industry in Poland.

Future Health Poland 2021 is the first and only virtual event in Poland, which will allow to virtually connect and meet with Polish suppliers from the medical & healthcare industry.

  • Medical tourism/healthcare & general services
  • Medical & dental products/equipment/devices
  • Pharmaceuticals & dietary supplements
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Poland. Fourth fastest growing economy in the world.

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Future Health Poland 2021 is the three days virtual event on networking platform, powered by AI, using business matchmaking to connect Polish suppliers with buyers from the globe.

  • Search for products and services
  • Benefit from an AI matchmaking technology
  • Engage your contacts through virtual meetings
  • Network with healthcare community
  • Increase your ROI



Creating new opportunities for Polish companies in the medical & healthcare industry.

  • Showcase your products, services and innovations to maximum advantage at the virtual event
  • Network with international healthcare community and expand your market range
  • Make new sales contacts and build up long-term business relationships


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  • Top of listing Sponsor – your company profile will appear at the top of the exhibitor list on the networking platform
  • Featured label Sponsor – “Featured” label will appear next to your company name in the exhibitor list on the networking platform
  • Email footer Sponsor – dedicated listing at the bottom of all welcome emails sent from the networking platform
  • Login page Sponsor MAXIMUM VISIBILITY – gain your brand exposure within the banner displayed on the networking platform login page
  • Home feed Sponsor MAXIMUM VISIBILITY – gain your brand exposure within the banner prominently placed on the networking platform home feed
  • Session Sponsor – position your own session as a part of the official event schedule with an exclusive webinar

Networking platform

Meet the right people at Future Health Poland 2021. Event matchmaking powered by artificial intelligence.

Future Health Poland 2021 networking platform will use Grip solution to create matches between Polish suppliers and international buyers.

Grip is the first and most advanced AI-powered event networking solution currently available on the global market.

Grip`s self-learning matchmaking engine uses natural language processing, advanced algorithms and deep neural networks to constantly learn about the professional goals and interests of Visitors, Exhibitors and Sponsors.

Grip awards

Interested? See yourself how it works on our Exhibitor and Visitor promotional videos!

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